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Dallas, TX 75232

Investor Contact Info
Company: Where Dreams Come True
Name: Rudolph Wilson
Phone: 1-866-331-6804
Property Details
Listing Status: For Sale
Property Type: Single-Family
Square Feet: 2462 - $70.27/sqFt
Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 3/3
Deal Found On: 2018-Jan-29 08:01:20 am
Last Updated: 2018-Jan-29 08:01:20 am
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Market Value Estimates
Source Valuation
Zillow Zestimate®  $  206,135
Average Market Value Estimate  $  206,135
Rental Income Estimates
Source Estimate
Zillow Rent Zestimate®  $    1,695
Average Rental Income Estimate  $    1,695
Deal History
Date Posted By Note
2018-Jan-29 08:01:20 am BirdDogBot Deal discovered.

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